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Clé Tile

Clé Tile | Zellige 2x6x3/4 in Pending Storm, Bejmat

Clé Tile | Zellige 2x6x3/4 in Pending Storm, Bejmat

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Clé Tile | Zellige 2x6x3/4 in Pending Storm, Bejmat
2"x6" Zellige, also known as Bejmat—a traditional Moroccan shape that exudes the charm of earthy, artisanal subway tiles, predating the more common subway tile by centuries. If you want the timeless appeal of subway tiles with a historical, handcrafted touch, Zellige subway is the ideal choice.
The distinctive feature of authentic Moroccan Zellige lies in its imperfections—captivating flaws and irregularities that showcase its unique variations. Created exclusively in Fez, the birthplace and epicenter of Zellige craftsmanship, each tile is a testament to the centuries-old art passed down through generations. Meticulously hand-molded, hand-cut, and hand-glazed, these tiles bear the mark of individuality, ensuring that no two Zellige tiles are precisely alike. Experience the artistry and legacy of Zellige with every handcrafted piece.

  • 17 boxes available
  • Approximately 109 square feet
    *Price listed is per square foot*
  • These tiles are located in the Chicago area.  Local pick-up is available.*
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