Unbuilt Client Agreement

Unbuilt Consignor Agreement v3.1

This agreement specifies how you and Unbuilt will work together to resell merchandise ("items") which you have consigned with us. These items are listed in the Items tab in the Consignor Portal Account that you received (or will recevie).

Right to Sell

You certify that you are the owner of the items, or that you have the right to resell them. You grant Unbuilt the non-exclusive right to resell the items on your behalf in physical and online sales channels belonging to Unbuilt and our partners.

Reclaiming or Cancelling

You may cancel this agreement in full, or as it pertains to any individual item at any time before the item is sold as long as 10-day notice is provided. If you wish to reclaim any items stored at Unbuilt premises, a pick-up can be arranged. If any costs have been invested in listing the items, these may be deducted from your balance.

Profit Share

You will be entitled to a share of the Net Profit made on the sale of each item. The share is determined using the following table which specficies different rates depending on the final sold price of each item. This structre makes it economical for Unbuilt to sell lower-value items while rewarding you for higher-value items.

Selling Price Consignor Share
Over $5,000 70%
Over $2,500 60%
Over $250 50%
Over $100 40%
Over $0 30%

Flexible Pricing

Unbuilt will set prices for the Items at its discretion based on informed judgement about market demand. You understands that this price level will be significantly lower than original retail price. Unbuilt may also reduce pricing to encourage customer interest if an item has not sold during a given period of time.

Sale from Site

In some cases, an item may be sold while still residing at your loaction or facility. In these cases Unbuilt will work with you to coordinate fulfillment. This process may include an Unbuilt team member or 3rd party delivery service picking up your items, or in some situations, if acceptable to you, a meeting with a prospective buyer to inspect items prior to finalizing a transaction. In all cases, Unbuilt will work within rules and restrictions set forth by you regarding this access. You agree to make all reasonable efforts to ensure that items can be accessed within 48 when a sale occurs.

Selling Costs

Net Profit will be calculated based on the total proceeds from sale minus any selling costs associated with the item. For example, if the item needs to be re-packaged, cleaned or fixed, if a fee is paid to market or list Items via a 3rd party store (eBay, Houzz), or if delivery, shipping charges, taxes or customs fees are incurred, then these costs will be deducted from the sales proceeds before determining Net Profit.


Funds will accrue to your Consignor Payout Account after an item is sold, is received by the buyer, and after a 30-day period during which the buyer may initiate a product return. Revenue that accrues to you in a given month will be paid in a lump sum within 2 weeks of the end of that month, via check or online payment.

Unsold Items

Most Items sell on Unbuilt within 3-6 months. However Unbuilt may request that some Items be cancelled from this agreement if they are determined to be unlikely to sell after a prolonged period. In this case, if an Item is stored at Unbuilt premises, you will have the option to pick up the item, or to ask that it be liquidated or donated - in which case a tax deduction receipt will be prepared. In either case, no disposal or removal cost will accrue to you. If you do not respond to our re-claim request, Items may be considered abandoned after one month and Unbuilt will claim ownership in order to liquidate them. Please make sure that your contact details are up to date to ensure that items are not unintentionally abandoned.

Loss And Damage

If damage to an item is discovered by Unbuilt, or by a customer, before or after sale, we will determine whether the damage happened while the item was in our possession or was simply not recognized during the onboarding process. Because commercial insurers will not cover second-hand items, we must limit our risk of liability for lost or damaged Items. If the item was damaged after take-in, or was lost, we will determine an estimated minimum reasonable sale price at which the item may have otherwise sold, and will compensate you by paying the profit share outlined in this agreement.


You certify that the items are authentic and non-counterfeit, to the best of your knowledge, and you understand that intentionally selling of counterfeit items is a crime.