Referral Rewards

Spread the love, enjoy the benefits

How to Earn

Tell friends, colleagues and suppliers about Unbuilt. If they provide your name and email when signing up, and they list 5 qualifying items in our store, you'll earn a referral reward. Anyone can refer. Pe-existing Unbuilt Sellers get a special bonus:



Unbuilt Sellers

$100 Store Credit or $50 cash

5% commission on sale of referred items

Sign Up

If you're not already an Unbuilt Seller, please join our Seller List. Use the email address you register with to share with your referrals. They'll reference your email when signing up to sell thier items.

Program Details

The referral program is subject to certain terms & restrictions descibed below.


  1. Account: To collect payment, you’ll need to create one.
  2. Bonus: To be eligible for Unbuilt Seller Bonus, you must have a seller account active for 90 days with at least 5 items listed. (This account type is for people who sell items on Unbuilt, different from a standard user account).
  3. No self-referrals: You may not act as a referrer for items that you own, or that you will receive payment from, directly or indirectly through a referred seller.


  1. Earned upfront rewards will be held for a 30 day period to dissuade premature de-listing of items after award grant.
  2. Unbuilt Seller Bonus rewards will accrue for a period of 1 year after the date that referred items are listed for sale.
  3. Unbuilt Seller Bonus rewards are applied to ‘Net Proceeds’ as defined in the Unbuilt Sellers Agreement.

Qualifying Items

  1. We are only able to grant referrals on items that we accept into our Design and Builder Stores. Classified listings do not count towards eligibility.
  2. To prevent potential fraud or abuse, Unbuilt reserves the right to qualify items from referred Sellers to make sure they are marketable, authentic and submitted in keeping with the intended goals of the program.
  3. To qualify for referral consideration, 5 items must be submitted or listed within 30 days of each other, and each item must be valued at over $50 each.