Returnable Items

If your item is Returnable, in order to return it you must submit a return request within 30 days of receiving your item.  You'll be responsible for shipping the item back to Unbuilt, or the seller.  Once your item is received, and determined to be in the same physical condition that it was originally shipped, your payment will be refunded.

Non-Returnable Items

Some items in our store are not returnable.  In these cases, we can't accept returns due to various complications.  For example: items may be sold at a discount based on the expectation that they will not be re-stocked.  The original seller may not be able to house the returned inventory, or it may be difficult to ascertain whether damage to these items has occurred once they are shipped.  Please inspect the pictures and description of the items closely before purchasing to make sure you are comfortable with the risks involved in buying this type of merchandise. 

Shipping & Damage

Please make sure to inspect your items when they arrive and file any damage claims promptly.  If your product arrives damaged, you may submit a claim to the shipping company and they will typically refund the value of the product and shipping cost as long as you have proper and timely documentation of the damage.  We'll be happy to help support your claim.