City Cabin - Olsen Kundig, Allen

Unbuilt @ Dovetail's Sustainability Hub

City Cabin | Architect: Olson Kundig | GC: Dovetail | Photo: Aaron Leitz

We're happy to announce that Dovetail, the elite Seattle-based General Contractor, has added Unbuilt to its Sustainability Hub. The Dovetail team is dedicated to reducing waste from their projects. As a high-end builder working with the world’s most sought-after materials manufacturers, the company often has materials unused at the end of projects. Unbuilt helps resell these items, providing fixtures, hardware and materials to the general public, while avoiding any new carbon footprint. To see some of Dovetails amazing work, visit them here

We're thrilled that high profile builders are embracing sustainable re-use for their projects.  We can't wait to see what Dovetail builds next!


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