What can I sell?

Accepted Items

We accept a wide variety of building materials, hardware and fixtures from top manufacturers. Current categories include Lighting, Kitchen & Bath, Tile & Flooring, Accessories, as well as Windows, Doors, & Cabinets and associated Hardware. We're always looking to add new categories so don't be shy about reaching out with new ones. Items may be second hand, but should be in new or nearly-new condition. We don't currently sell reclaimed, salvage or vintage items. We don't sell bargain brands or out-of-date items that are already widely available and deeply discounted elsewhere on the web. For dimensional items like tile or flooring, we have minimum 'usable' amount requirements see below:

Dimensional - Requirements

Original retail price is a guideline for general quality of a product.

Accepted Types Min Quantity Orig. Retail Price


20 ft2

$12 / ft2


25 ft2

$7 / ft2


10 ft2

$10 / ft2

Extra Large Items

We work items of almost any size, shape and weight, however extra large or heavy items need to be of sufficient value to warrant the associated logistics. In some cases, we may suggest that very large or heavy items stay at your storage or job site until we sell them. When the item sells, we will handle crating, if necessary, and pick up or freight shipping from your location. This saves extra transportation and storage costs that would otherwise be deducted from the sales proceeds.

How do I get paid?

Payout Terms

Once a buyer purchases your item, we ship or deliver it to them, then provide a time period (up to 30 days) for product returns. After this, your share of revenue from the net proceeds of sale will accrue to your Seller account. This share is typically 50%, but may be 30% for low cost items, or up to 70% for highly-valuable expensive items. We'll provide you with our current rate table and detailed seller's terms at the time you consign with us. The balance of your Seller account will be paid at the end of each month.

Client Portal

When you consign with us, we provide access to a Client Portal page where you can find a list of your items, sales status, and payout balances.

Payment Options

We provide payment via Check by default. Paypal or Venmo are available on request.

How do I submit items?

Onboarding Items

We offer pick-up or drop off options in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Areas. You may schedule a free pick-up or consultation here. Please email us for other arrangements or questions.

What happens to unsold items?

Re-Claiming Items

You may reclaim your unsold items at any time; just give us 10 days notice.  


From time to time, we may decide that an item may not be sellable at a price that justifies storage and listing on our site. In these cases we will notify you of your option to re-claim the items. If you don't elect to do so, or we don't hear from you within 2 weeks, we may donate these goods to a charitable organization or recycling center.