How to Order Cosentino Outlet Products

1) Find Your Slab

To find individual slabs available in your area, visit our ordering portal. Choose a location(s) near you and use search or filters to find items right for your project.  Items can't be shipped nationally, but in some cases they can be moved between warehouses in the same region. You can also reach out to us directly with questions.

2) Get Help

Slabs are very heavy. You'll need to find a local Fabricator or other resource with the proper handling equipment to receive your purchase.

3) Submit an Order

We'll send you and invoice once we confirm the product is available. Once you pay,  we'll hold the slab, and you'll have 10 days to cancel (for a refund) or complete.

4) Arrange Pick-up, Inspection or Delivery

You can pick-up for free, or have the slab delivered locally for $100. You may visit a warehouse to inspect your slab before purchase, and you'll be refunded if you don't wish to proceed.  Otherwise, slabs are non-refundable.


Why are these discounted?

The items typically come from discontinued lines or small batches that are not currently being sold or promoted through Cosentino's primary sales channels.

What's the Condition?

These are in the same condition as Cosentino's retail product offerings.  That said, even new slabs may have small defects on edges or corners. If you're concerned about condition, check with the Cosentino Customer Service representative at your local warehouse, or visit to inspect before you purchase.