Unbuilt Seller Terms

Version 3.5 | June 02, 2024

These terms and conditions specify how you and Unbuilt will work together to sell items that you own using our platform and services.

Right to Sell

You certify that you own the items, or that you have the right to sell them. You grant Unbuilt the non-exclusive right to sell the items on your behalf in physical and online sales channels belonging to Unbuilt and our partners.

Location of Items

While items are listed for sale they may either be stored at a local Unbuilt facility, or at your location, depending on our arrangement.

Seller Share

You’ll receive a share of the Net Proceeds from the sale of your item(s).

  • 50% for items stored at and fulfilled by Unbuilt
  • 75% for Items stored at your Location
  • High value items (over $5,000 retail value) from select brands may be eligible for additional seller share percentage. Contact us to learn more.

Net Proceeds

Net Proceeds are calculated as the Gross Proceeds (total amount paid by Buyer) minus transaction charges, including listing fees, sales commissions and promotion charges from 3rd party partners (e.g. eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Google) as well as payment processing fees and additional shipping charges not covered by the buyer. Net Proceeds are typically 10 to 15% lower than Gross Proceeds.


Funds will accrue to your Seller Payout Account after an item is sold, is received by the buyer, and after a 30-day period during which the buyer may initiate a product return. Revenue that accrues to you in a given month will be paid in a lump sum within 2 weeks of the end of that month, via check or online payment.

Logistics Charges

Unless mutually agreed, Unbuilt will never bill you for services associated with your items. However, deductions may be applied to your accrued Seller Share Balance to cover costs of Labor, Materials and Equipment for items or sales with logistics requirements. These deductions may include:

  • Re-Packaging: Labor and packing supply cost for re-boxing or crating items to ensure safe shipping.
  • Item Pick-up: Labor and equipment charges incurred to pick-up items. Fee may be waived for qualifying lots.
  • Large Heavy Items: 10% deduction to Seller Share for items over 350 pounds or 18 cubic feet. Typically applies to Tile, Lumber, Flooring and large Doors Systems.
  • Long-term Storage: For items left unsold after 9 months of listing, a deduction will accrue of $.50 per cubic foot of required storage space per month.

Flexible Pricing

Unbuilt will set prices for the Items at its discretion based on informed judgement about market demand. You understand that this price level may be significantly lower than original retail price. Unbuilt may also reduce pricing to encourage customer interest if an item has not sold during a given period of time.

Reclaiming or Cancelling

You may cancel this agreement in full, or as it pertains to an individual item(s) at any time before the item(s) is sold. If your items are stored at Unbuilt and you wish to reclaim them, you must notify us to arrange a pick-up.

Unsold Items

Most Items sell on Unbuilt within 3-6 months. However Unbuilt may request that some items be cancelled from this agreement if they are determined to be unlikely to sell after a prolonged period. In this case, if an Item is stored at Unbuilt premises, you will have the option to pick up the item, or to ask that it be liquidated or donated. In either case, no disposal or removal cost will accrue to you. If you do not respond to our re-claim request, Items may be considered abandoned after one month and Unbuilt will claim ownership in order to liquidate them. Please make sure that your contact details are up to date to ensure that items are not unintentionally abandoned.

Loss & Damage

Unfortunately, property insurance generally provides compensation only to property owners. Since you continue to own your property while it is in our possession, we recommend ensuring that your insurance coverage extends to property located temporarily outside of your primary premises. While loss or damage to items is rare, and we do our best to compensate partners for the estimated potential Seller Share, due to these insurance restrictions, we are unbale to guarantee compensation beyond $1,200 total lost value per consignor.

Authenticity & Condition

You certify that the items are authentic to the best of your knowledge, and you understand that intentionally selling items that you know are, or suspect to be counterfeit is a crime. In addition, you attest that you have inspected any items submitted for sale, and have accurately disclosed any information that you have regarding the condition of the items, including damage, presence of dirt or debris, missing parts or functional issues that could reasonably be considered pertinent to a prospective buyer.

Updates to the Terms

To meet changing business demands, we reserve the right to modify this agreement from time to time in the future. We will make reasonable efforts to inform you of these changes and we welcome your feedback or questions about updated terms. It is important that you stay informed by reading notifications or reviewing this agreement from time to time, as your continued use of our services constitutes acceptance of the updated terms once they are posted.