Seller Terms & Conditions

By accepting these terms & conditions, you (Seller) agree to the following:

Right to sell

You certify that you own the Item(s) to be sold, or have received authorization to sell the Item(s) by any necessary parties. You grant Unbuilt the right to market and sell the Items in its physical store, in its online store, and through 3rd party online affiliates.

Flexible Pricing

Unbuilt sets prices for the Item(s) at its discretion based on informed judgement about the price levels required to generate customer demand within a reasonable timeline. You understand that this pricing level will be significantly lower than original retail price. Unbuilt may also reduce the price of an item to encourage customer interest if an item has not sold during a given period of time.

Revenue Share

You shall be entitled to a percentage of the net proceeds from the sale of each item. The Seller's share of proceeds is listed for each item in the 'Inventory List" section of the form from which this document was linked. Revenue share will be distributed to you via the payment method you specify, within 10 days of transaction completion. Transaction completion includes shipping time, plus a period of 3 days during which Buyer may return the item. If Buyer returns item during this time, a refund will be paid to the Buyer and no revenue share will be paid to you, until the item is successfully sold again. Payment will be made according to the preferences you specify.

Shipping Costs & Deductions

Net Proceeds will be calculated based on the total proceeds from sale minus selling costs. Depending on the Item(s), and the circumstances for how it is acquired and sold, these costs may include: a portion (typically 50%) of the cost of shipping to buyers, or from buyers in the case of returned Item(s), large item pick-up fees, re-packaging costs, discounts due to damaged or mislabeled Item(s), and listing fees or commissions paid to 3rd party selling channels (e.g. eBay, Houzz). In the event that these costs exceed the revenue generated by sale of Item(s), the Seller’s share will be zero, and Seller will incur no obligation to pay Unbuilt for these costs.


For Item(s) such as materials, sold by the area or quantity, in order to facilitate transactions, we may allow Buyers to purchase less than the full amount of inventory that you have provided. You give us permission to sell as little as 80 percent of the materials provided. We agree to seek your consent before selling less than this amount. We will attempt to sell left over material, but may re-list it with a special designation and pricing for smaller quantities.

Reclaiming Items

You may notify Unbuilt that you wish to reclaim Item(s) at any time. After a period of 5 business days, you may pick up your Item(s) if they are stored in your area, or you may request that they be shipped back to you, in which case you will be responsible for shipping costs. Though we will expedite removal of the items form our store upon notification, we can’t guarantee that they will remain unsold during the 5 day period.

Unsold Items

Most items sell on Unbuilt within 90 days. However, since storing and selling items incurs costs to Unbuilt, we may request that you reclaim some items if they do not sell within a timeframe of 8 months after initial consignment and we don’t believe there is a demand for them in the future. You will have the option at this point to pick up the items in question, or to ask that they be liquidated or donated - in which case a tax deduction receipt will be prepared. In either case, no disposal or removal cost will accrue to you. If you does not respond to our re-claim request, items may be considered abandoned after one month and Unbuilt will claim ownership in order to liquidate them. Please make sure that your contact details are updated to ensure that items are not unintentionally abandoned.

Representation & Authenticity

You certify that you have provided information that is accurate and true, to the best of your knowledge, about the origin, specifications, condition and authenticity of the product. You acknowledge and understand that intentionally selling counterfeit merchandise is a prosecutable crime, and that by doing so, you may incur liability for economic damages, or physical harm caused by failure or malfunction of the Item(s).

Loss & Damage

If damage to an Item is discovered by Unbuilt, or by a customer, we will determine whether the damage happened while the item was in our possession or was simply not recognized during the onboarding process. If the item was damaged or lost after take-in, we will offer a compensation fee. Unfortunately, selling items does incur inevitable risk, and secondhand construction merchandise is not commercially insurable. This requires Unbuilt to limit our liability for lost or damaged items. Compensation fees are estimated based on minimum potential resale commission, based on reasonable assumptions about the Item(s) potential second hand market value and selling costs.


You understand that we may update these terms from time to time.