Clé Tile | Zellige Tile 2x6x3/4 in Shattered Pearl

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Clé Tile | Zellige Tile 2x6x3/4 in Shattered Pearl
2"x6" zellige, otherwise known as bejmat, is a traditional shape in morocco, reminiscent of an earthier, handcrafted subway tile. Vivid and vibrant! Every tile is hand-molded, hand-cut, and hand-glazed, which means no two zellige tiles are exactly alike.
The arresting intersection of blue, blush, tan and celadon is a glaze called shattered pearl. Like a pool of colors resembling mother-of-pearl, this delectable glaze contains sensitive minerals that, when fired, react to the heat in any number of colors. If you are in search of a delicate blue hue full of moods and movements, shattered pearl is an evanescent take on light, medium and moody blues.

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