Doshi Levien | Kali Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

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Doshi Levien | Kali Mirror Cabinet

Dimensions: 22.75" × 19.75" × 7.75"

A wall mounted cabinet with glass cantilevered shelves is host to a collection of intelligently conceived bathroom accessories. The glass shelves pass through the side walls of the moulded cabinet offering internal and external storage. The shelf heights are fixed at levels that allow for a variety of product sizes to be stored. By rotating the cabinet through 180 degrees, you can choose between left or right hand door opening. This also allows for double cabinets to be installed. The Kali product range is designed to integrate with the cabinet. The magnifying mirror clips onto the glass shelves and can also be free standing. The boxes are proportioned to fit on the shelves inside and out. A Magnifying mirror clips onto 8mm glass shelves and may also be used freestanding.
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