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Exquisite Surfaces

Exquisite Surfaces | Reclaimed 6x6 Terra Cotta Tile

Exquisite Surfaces | Reclaimed 6x6 Terra Cotta Tile

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Exquisite Surfaces | Reclaimed 6x6 Terra Cotta Tile
These traditional handmade flooring and roof tiles, first installed in the 18th and 19th centuries, are carefully salvaged from Spain, Belgium and various locations throughout France, including Provence, Normandy, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Lyon and the Loire Valley. Inspected for both authenticity and quality, these antique terra cotta tiles display rich warmth and a stunning, patinated surface from centuries of wear and use. Once reclaimed, the terra cotta undergoes an intense cleaning procedure that eliminates all traces of dirt and organic matter that has accumulated. They are then carefully packaged and shipped for use, to bring their rich history to new projects around the world.
The slight peach, red and beige color variations add subtle contrast and character to this beautiful, traditional terra cotta. 

  • Nominal 1" thickness
  • Approximately 237 square feet available
  • These were ordered for a project and never used
  • In original crate from the manufacturer
  • Available for local pick up in Los Angeles
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