Finelite | linear LED luminaire - High Performance 4 in Aperture White

Finelite | linear LED luminaire - High Performance 4 in Aperture White

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High-quality, high-performance, environmentally-friendly, 4 inch Aperture LED area lights from Finelite's HP4 collection, ideal for contemporary office or commercial spaces. These lights are leftover extras from a commercial project in the SF Bay Area - originally purchased in bulk via trade discount at $1538 ea. *The picture shown in this listing is photoshopped to closely approximate what the light would look like installed, but is not an actual product photo. Please visit manufacturer website (Finelight) for additional details and 'real' photos of the products. Line Features 90% of initial light output at 100,000+ hours Model Specifics Model: HP4-ID-12-S-S-835-TG-F-277-FA50-FE-SC-C4 Platform: (HP) High Performance Series: (4) 4 inch aperture Light Distribution: (ID) Indirect/Direct Length: (12) 12 Feet Uplight Output: (S) Standard (428 lm/ft) Downlight Output: (S) Standard (379 lm/ft) Output & LED Type: (835) 835 - 80 CRI, 3500K Uplight Optics: (TG) Top Glow Downlight Optics: (F) Flush Voltage: (277) 277 Voltage Mounting: (FA50) Fully Adjustable 50" (standard) Endcap: (FE) Flat Endcap Circuit: (SC) Single Circuit* - One single circuit in a run Mounting Options: (HC) Hard Ceiling Color: (SW) Signal White

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