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FlexFire LEDs

Flexfire LEDs | The ColorBright™ Color Changing RGB + White LED

Flexfire LEDs | The ColorBright™ Color Changing RGB + White LED

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The ColorBright™ Color Changing RGB + White LED strip light is an ingenious product that has combined two powerful strips into one. This product has alternating RGB color changing LEDs and single color high brightness white LEDs. This product is for those who love to control every aspect of their lives, starting with their lights. These lights can create any color you can imagine, including a beautiful cool white. No longer will you have to sacrifice one product for the other, we have combined them both into one strip. Please Note: In order to use these strip lights you will need to purchase a 12V DC constant voltage power supply and color controller, both sold separately.
*Sold by the spool. Each spool is 5 meters in length (16.4 feet)*

✔ 4.4 Watts/ft

✔ UL Listed (cULus) E362522

✔ 50,000-hour lifespan (8 hours/day for 17 years)

✔ Width: 1/2" (12 mm) strip

✔ Height: 1/16" (2 mm)

✔ Can be cut every 4"

✔ Max length in series 16' 5"

✔ Fully dimmable and color controllable

✔ 120° Beam Angle

✔ 12V or 24V DC Input

✔ White LEDs have a high CRI of 80+

✔ 18 LEDs/Foot (60/Meter)

✔ Short LED pitch of 3/4" (17 m)

✔ Thermally Resistant 3M VHB 4930

✔ Thick double layer 2oz copper PCB

✔ Single BIN LED selection to ensure color consistency

✔ Highest quality premium packaged 5050 SMD LEDs

✔ Environmental Temperature -4°F - 104°F (-20°C - 40°C)

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