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Hudson Furniture Baylar Atelier

Hudson Furniture | Barlas Baylar Mother Chandelier

Hudson Furniture | Barlas Baylar Mother Chandelier

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Hudson Furniture | Barlas Baylar Mother Chandelier

This stunning chandelier by Baylar Atelier is composed of gloss nickel plated laser cut rings and chains. It's a stunningly dramatic and luxe piece. A minimalistic sculpture with filigree that dances with poise and bravado along with handmade organic chains elegantly fastened to form a bold sculpture. The Mother Chandelier features approximately 3 miles of faceted, jeweled chains individually draped into the stainless steel frame. The Mother Chandelier series is a design where fashion and elegance meets function.

Approximate Dimensions: Large: 36" W x 27"D x 60" H
Material: Stainless Steel
Frame: Filigree Ring Pattern
Finish: Polished
Sockets: 6x G9 LED 25-60W each

About Hudson Furniture:

Barlas Baylar founded Hudson Furniture Gallery, a concept design showroom 10 years ago in the Meatpacking District, to showcase large-scale, sculptural furniture and lighting designs, hand-made by an expert artisan team located in a New York atelier.

Always inspired by the art, design and architecture of the art deco era, Baylar has delved into studies of modern classics to inform his unique design sensibilities. As homage to the great works of iconic sculptors Brancusi, Noguchi, Jean Michel Frank and Ruhlman, the designer as artists continues to evolve each collection into complex new forms through use of inventive architectural material.

*This chandelier is in excellent condition. It was installed in a home for less than 2 years and was carefully uninstalled and stored.*

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