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Kolbe | VistaLuxe Black Casement Window 24 x 48

Kolbe | VistaLuxe Black Casement Window 24 x 48

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The items were ordered for a job and delivered to site, but design changes left them unused in final construction. They come from a set of matching items, please see other listings for more details. They're new, with some dust. Reference specifications to ensure proper suitability for your project:

Rough Opening: 24 1/2" X 48 1/2"
Frame Size: 24" X 48"

VLCS2040-1 (Assy 1)
Vistaluxe Rectangle Casement

Unit 1.1: Extrd Sash, Crank Out, Lt Hinging

Unit 1.1: Solar Control Low-E Glass
Unit 1.1: Clr Laminate, Temp Gls

Lite Divisions
Unit 1.1: Pdl, Colonial, 1W2H, 7/8" Bars, Square (S4S) Bars - Exterior

Unit 1.1: Standard Ashlar Handle, Traditional Lock Lever, Matte Black Hardware, Bettervue
FG Scrn, Screen(S) Loose

Unit 1.1: NO FJ, Vantage Exterior Sash, Vantage Exterior Frame, CL BLK Ext, Primed Ltx Int
Sash, Primed Ltx Int Frame, Rst Scrn

Unit 1.1: NO Flr Sill On Bottommost Window(S), NO Casing, 4-9/16" Jambs

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