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Pratt + Larson

Pratt + Larson | 3x6 Texture C Field Tile

Pratt + Larson | 3x6 Texture C Field Tile

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Pricing is per square foot

Pratt + Larson | 3x6 Texture C Field Tile in W091.

This glaze has a variation level of V3.
Crackle and Watercolor Glaze has a translucent quality which enhances the textures and patterns, pooling in the low areas and receding from the higher parts, creating a sense of depth which is accentuated by the delicate crackle pattern.
Textures are pressed into the wet clay as the tiles are formed, adding patterns to the tile. These textures may shift from subtle to pronounced, from one piece to the next.
Recommended for walls and shower/wet areas.

Approximately 75 square feet available.
6 boxes, 100 pieces per box.

*Price listed is per square foot.*

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