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Tesselle | Concord Graphite 7"x6" Hexagonal Cement Wall Tile

Tesselle | Concord Graphite 7"x6" Hexagonal Cement Wall Tile

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Pricing is per square foot

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Tesselle | Concord Graphite 7"x6" Hexagonal Cement Wall Tile
Concord Graphite is a 7"x6" hexagonal thin cement wall tile in a dark shade of grey.

  • Approximately 234 square feet available.
    Pricing and Minimums:
  • Minimum: 8 boxes of 27 (48 SF, 216 tiles)
  • Available for local pick up in Riverside, CA.
  • 10% overage or one extra box (whichever is greater) required. 
  • Once shipped, delivery typically takes 1-2 weeks.
    Key product information:
  • Dimensions: 7"x6"x3/8"
  • Uses: Walls, indoors, outdoors
  • Because of the hand-made nature of this product, there may be variation in color from tile to tile.
  • Price listed is per square foot.
    More Ordering information:
  • Each box of 27 covers 6 square feet, not including required 10% extra (see below)
    How many boxes of cement tiles are needed for your project?
    Step 1: Determine the square footage you are covering. Add 10% to your order by multiplying your square footage by 1.1. Example: if your actual square footage is 250, multiply 250 x 1.1 = 275.
    Step 2: Each box contains 27 tiles, which will cover exactly 6 square feet. Using the example above, divide 275 by 6 and round up to the next whole number. 275 / 6 = 45.8. Round up and order 46 boxes which will contain 1820 tiles.
    Please note that we require all customers to order 10% overage or one extra box, whichever is greater, to ensure that the installation can be completed, even if there are minor mishaps in shipping or on the jobsite.
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