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Zia Tile

Zia Tile | Hex 8x9 Cotto Tile in Adobe

Zia Tile | Hex 8x9 Cotto Tile in Adobe

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Zia Tile | Hex 8x9 Cotto Tile in Adobe
Cotto, stemming from the Italian term 'terra cotta,' meaning 'baked earth,' holds a rich heritage within the history of fired clays, tracing back to the earliest civilizations. Whether in the form of Egyptian water vessels, Chinese roofing tiles, or Roman bricks, terra cotta has been interwoven into humanity's narrative since antiquity. While the constituents of Cotto tiles have remained largely unchanged over the centuries, advancements in firing techniques, including innovations in kiln infrastructure, mold craftsmanship, and firing methodologies, have emerged. These meticulously crafted, high-fired Cotto tiles represent a contemporary interpretation of this age-old tradition.
Minor variations in size, color, shade and surface texture are natural characteristics

  • Hand made and fired
  • 2.32 tiles per square foot
  • 252 tiles available, in 12 boxes
  • Approximately 108 square feet available
  • Price listed is per square foot
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