Monetize Your Excess Inventory

Unbuilt works with top manufacturers, brands and dealers to sell ‘orphaned’ inventory that falls outside of conventional sales channels

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A New Marketplace

Unbuilt is a 'resale' marketplace for the building community. We connect high-end manufacturers holding excess inventory to an audience of pro and DIY builders. Our buyers are willing to work with small batches and out-of-market goods in order to buy high-end at accessible prices, while reducing potential waste. We resell:

  • • Discontinued Product Lines
  • • Surplus Items
  • • Remnants
  • • Returned or Canceled Orders

Easy & Profitable

Depending on your needs, we’ll pick up your inventory, photograph it, list items online, handle samples, sales and customer service. We typically work on consignment, splitting sales proceeds with you. Shares may range from 30% to 70% for very low or high cost items respectively. For large, heavy items (e.g. palettes of tile) we’ll leave the inventory at your site until it sells and ship from there. If you prefer to monetize items quickly, we’ll provide an estimate for cash payouts on request. For more details, see our commonly asked questions page:

Your Brand in Good Company

Unbuilt sells only top-tier merchandise in excellent condition. Selling your excess inventory with us places your Brand in the company of other market-leading creators across categories.

A Sustainable Choice

Up to 10% of construction goods manufactured end up in landfill creating a lot of unnecessary carbon emissions and lost revenue. Unbuilt provides a way to reuse goods that might otherwise be wasted creating a net carbon reduction with every item sold.