Monetize Your Surplus Materials

We resell your unused construction goods on consignment - offering an easy, profitable, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional liquidation, donation or disposal.

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Serving Builders

Unbuilt is a new resale marketplace created just for Builders. We resell unused, new condition goods and materials, typically leftover from projects - saving time, money and waste for our clients. From tile to faucets, lights, windows and hardware - we sell a wide array of inventory sourced from the world’s most stunning projects.

A Better Way to Earn

Our consignment (profit sharing) model means your interests are aligned with ours in pricing and selling your materials quickly and at the best prices possible. We don't make money until you do - making us true partners - from free pick-up to final payment and each step in between.

Good for the Wallet

Take advantage of our large audience of resale buyers to earn top dollar for your materials. Our customers range from large commercial builders to individual home owners - all looking for deals on high-quality, new condition goods.

Good for the Planet

Reselling your unused materials cuts down on waste - reducing landfill volume, pollution and emissions. In our first year in business we've rescued enough goods from disposal to save 250 metric tons of CO2 emission from replacement manufacturing and transportation.

Flexible Solutions

Got heavy goods like stone palettes or multi-panel door systems? Our logistics team offers a number of flexible solutions to accommodate (almost) any situation. In some cases, we manage the selling process for large items directly from your job site to save transportation costs, leaving more savings for the buyer and profit for the seller.