Listing products on Unbuilt requires that you follow certain guidelines to ensure that our buyers have a positive experience, and that you are able to profitably sell your product.

1. Describing Your Product

Because you are selling a product that will be installed in a home or business, buyers need important details to be able to make a decision to buy. It is also very beneficial to tell buyers the story of your product, how acquired it and why you're selling it. Among the key details to share in your description:

  • - Manufacturer or Brand
  • - Model or Style
  • - Material
  • - Color
  • - Dimensions
  • - Weight (for shipping)
  • - Product ID or model Number
  • - Condition
  • - What's included
  • - Additional items required
  • - Instructions
  • - Packaging details

If you describe your product improperly, or leave out information about defects or damage, you may be responsible for return shipping charges, should a buyer refuse to pay for your product.

2. Pictures

Proper Pictures of your items are required to influence buyers to purchase, and critical to avoiding misunderstandings. Please provide the image types and suggested number below. Neutral, non-distracting backgrounds (e.g. white, grey, simple textures) are preferred. If you have any problems providing these, let us know and we can help.  

Hero (1)

A single, simple shot used to showcase your product.

Medium (1)

Shows a view of the product from a bit further back for perspective.

Angles (1-3)

Shows dimensions and alternate views or sides.

Close-up (1-3)

Shows the minute details if they are important.

In Context (1-3)

What the items look like when installed. (if available)

Condition Issues (1-3)

Cover yourself. Document damage or other issues.

3. Shipping & Delivery

Shipping Info - If you'd like for Unbuilt to offer shipping for buyers interested in your product, please describe the dimension (height, length & depth in inches) and weight of the container (e.g. box, crate or bundle) that you intend to ship or delivery your product in. This will enable us to calculate shipping costs at checkout, depending on where the package will ship to. If you don't have this information or want help packaging your items, let us know and we may be able to help.

UPS Drop & Ship - if you take your items to a UPS location to be shipped, they will guarantee that items will arrive to your buyer undamaged, or cover the cost of replacement. We recommend this as a way to prevent problems with returned items.

Local Pick-Up - is a great option for large items. Select this option if you'd like to offer it. Items will be picked up from the shipper address you provide.

4. Samples

Nothing helps a buyer make a more informed decision than being able to touch and feel material! If you can spare a few tiles, or pieces of your material, we’ll send you a pre-paid envelope to mail them to us. We can then shoot a really nice close-up and detail shots in our studio to match our other inventory, and use the samples for people who would like to try before they buy!

5. Approval

Our team of curators will review all product submissions and respond to you within 24 hours. We may need to ask you for more details about your submission before we decide we can list your item(s)