About My Statement

What does "Pending" mean?

Sale transactions are “pending” when a buyer purchases and pays for an item. After receiving the item, if the buyer does not return it during a 30-day return optional window, the sale will become “completed” and will accrue to your account. Your statement lists pending items to let you know your potential earnings in the coming month.

What is "Est. Completion Date?"

This is the estimated date that we expect the return window to end, and for revenue from this sale to accrue to your account. The date is projected from the day planned for item delivery to the customer. Actual customer delivery timelines may deviate from plan by 1-3 days.

What is "Listing & Transaction Fees"

Unbuilt works with a number of partners to help us sell your items. Depending on how they're involved in a sale, various costs my be charged for promotion, co-listing etc. In addition, listing certain items may require costs for cleaning, testing, packaging or re-packaging for proper shipping. To simplify accounting for these costs, we average and amortize them across all of you products via this fee.

When do I get paid?

We’ll pay your accrued earnings balance as a lump sum after the close of each calendar month. Payment process may take up to two weeks.